Mixed Feelings

For a Class 10 student, what’s worse than the gruelling and wearisome schedule filled with studying and preparing for the prefinals and board examinations?

The impending separation from the people who have become inextricably woven into your life.
The separation from the people who are as concerned about you as your parents are.
The separation from the people who are just as annoying as any sibling is.
The separation from the people with whom you have built years of memories.
The separation from the people you cried with and laughed with.
The separation from the people who make all your insecurities vanish.
The separation from the people who have taught you priceless life lessons.
The separation from the people who have shown you what you are truly capable of.
The separation from the place which is as dear as home.
The separation from the place where you have learnt everything ranging from addition to coordinate geometry, from the meaning of solids to organic chemistry, from reading short funny stories to reading and understanding the classic Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.
The separation from the place where you played your first basketball matches and ran your first races.
The separation from the unparalleled homely and yummy food.
And so on…..

This is just a snippet of the thoughts and feelings that go around in the heads and hearts of every 10th grader. Excitement to start a new phase of their life and the sorrow of leaving their friends, teachers, and school overshadow all other feelings. Everyone knows that this is a phase which every student goes through and that it is something which we must accept and move on. Inspite of knowing that, we still cry and dread the day when we need to say bye and wish each other good luck for the future.

There is only one thing which can lessen the pain of this farewell – Enjoying the last few days we have together to the fullest and not letting anything dampen the joy.

To all my friends,
Even after a few months, when we part ways, I hope we will remain in contact and keep our bonds of friendship just as strong and unbreakable as they are now.
I love you all with every fibre of my being.💖💘❤️💝💕💞💓❤️❣️💕💘💝💞💓💗💖


An Unforgettable Day!

May 10 2022. This day will be engraved in my memory for many, many years….

22nd April was the last working day and it marked beginning of the summer break. On 24th April, some friends of mine came up with the wonderful idea of having a day out together during the holidays. The idea was that all the 27 students of our section could spend a day together before the hectic session of 10th grade began. We had LOTS of debates and arguments regarding the date and venue but the 15 of us who were willing to come finally agreed to meet on 10th May at Sarath City Capital Mall. All of us put our ideas forward and we made a plan which everyone was comfortable with. We waited for the day with eagerness and anticipation.


I woke up at around 5 in morning, got ready and went to school to school for the summer camp (basketball coaching). I came home at 9:10 and saw G’s message that she was going to come to my place at 9:30! I quickly had a bath and Amma started feeding me breakfast when G arrived. At approximately 9:50, Tata, G and I got into the car. We picked Kr up on the way and drove to the mall. We reached the mall at around 10:30 and saw Ad, Suh, Ka, Ro, Ar and Sr. We waited for the others to come and then went to Forest’s Edge. The Girls (Ge, Kr, Gu Va, Ham, Sp and me) went to The Great Art Heist and the Boys (Ad, Wa, Suh, Ar, Sr, Ka, Ro) went to Turbulent Skies. We had 45 minutes and were given the option to avail three clues.  In the Great Art Heist, we were supposed to steal The Mona Lisa. Ju and her brother arrived a few minutes after we started and Ju was sent to the boy’s team and her brother came to us (I have no idea why). The girls + Ju’s brother split into smaller groups and we began the hunt for clues. We asked for 2 clues through the walkie-talkie given to us. We were able to find all the clues and WE SUCCEEDED IN STEALING THE MONA LISA WITH 2 MINUTES LEFT. The boys + Ju were not able to complete in time and we had a GREAT, GREAT time teasing them :D.

At Forest’s Edge!!
After successfully stealing THE MONA LISA!!

After we were done with Forest’s Edge, Sur, another friend joined us and then we were a GRAND GROUP OF 17!!! We then proceeded for lunch. Suh, Ad and Wa were at Pizza Hut and G and I joined them.

At Pizza Hut !!🍕

The others ordered from different places at sat in the food court. We were done with lunch by 1:20 and then we went to watch Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!! Many seats in the theatre were empty, so we changed our places and sat together. I didn’t watch any Marvel movies before, so, I sat between G and Va and got my doubts clarified with their help. In the interval, Va and I shared Cheese Popcorn and G and I had a “Shooting Stars” ice cream each. The movie was AMAZING and I surprisingly understood everything!!

About to enter the Theatre!!

The movie being done, we went to the next and the most exciting place in our plan. SKY ZONE!!!! We booked a slot from 4:30 to 5:30 and had a BLAST. The best part was playing Dodgeball. By the end of our time slot, all of us were sweaty and exhausted.

After a fun filled hour at Sky Zone!! (we were not able to take a picture when everyone was there)

Ka, Ro Ju and her brother, Wa, Sp went home. The rest of us were not tired yet and were eager to explore more. All of us agreed on going to Scary House (with a little reluctance from G and I). The maximum number of members allowed to enter was 6 but with a lot of pleading and persuasion, 13 of us(including Ham’s sisters) entered the Scary House.

Scary House!! ( everyone was not there when the picture was taken😕)

It was quite late (around 6:30) by the time we were done. We walked around for a while and then G, Kr and I started home with Tata.

It was one of the best days of the Summer Vacation and all of us hoped that we would be able to make many more memories together!

Unbounded Creativity

Creativity in a whole new level is what I see in a friend of mine. Here’s a little peek at the crazy laws and theories composed by her.

NOTE: The following content makes absolutely NO SENSE and I shall not be held accountable if you forget all the physics you have learnt!!😜😜

  • The heat medium is the heat produced by classical mechanics and George Washington.
  • Thermodynamics is the study of whales in the direction of sound which has an angular momentum with the beta particle near the optics.
  • There are five forces of delta linear of thermodynamics in direct contact with heat alpha particles.
  • Food comes from the linear motion of universe.
  • When a pen falls from 34 meters in the direction opposite to rain, the water in the puddles go linear motion to proportional food and force the energy through linear motion.
  • Mass is constant and is linearly motion to acceleration and is directly proportional to newton.

I hope you had a hearty laugh reading this just the way I did!!😁😁